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Opening First Week of October

CricPractice started out with a common passion that everyone here has: a love of the game of Cricket. Instruction, playing and coaching are the things we love to do and being around the game of Cricket is what we are all about. Our facility is made up of former Cricket professional players, former college players, high school players, and Cricket geeks. There are three building boxes of everything we do at CricPractice: The first is simply having fun. If you like what you do and work hard at it, going to work each day and excelling is easy to do. The second building block of CricPractice is “plan the work and work the plan”. It has been said that dreams become goals only when you write them down; put your goals down and create a plan. Once you have your plan work it and enjoy the results. At CricPractice we want to help you plan your work to be a better player and see you at our facility to work your plan. The final block is “finish what you started”. Come in, work hard and leave better than you came in. If it’s hitting, pitching, fielding or any other part of the game come to CricPractice and start your training and finish strong!

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